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Multi Color Round Cut Gemstones Wholesaler Multi Color Round Cut Gemstones Wholesaler
$14.00 - $14.00 / Pieces
50/ MOQ
Product Name:
Adjustable Multi-Color Gemstone Ring 925 Sterling Silver
Product Type:
Product Material:
925 Sterling Silver Gold Plating
Product Weight:
Approx - 8.51 Gms
Stone Details:
Multi-Stone  / 4x6 mm & 3 mm
  • New
Simple style pear shape multi stone ring gold/silver plated  Supplier Simple style pear shape multi stone ring gold/silver plated  Supplier
$1.99 - $6.99/ Pieces

5/ MOQ

Gemstone Name
Aqua & Pink Chalcedony, Emerald
8X12 mm
Gold Plated (Available Silver Plated & Black Plated)
Aqua, Pink, Green
Brass & Gemstone
Brand Name
El Joyero
Jewelry Type
  • New

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A ring has a lot of colorful stones i.e multi-colored stones which are assembled together to make a beautiful and adorable ring for the wearer. Multi-stone rings look supreme in hands and go with every outfit on every occasion. Multi-stone rings can be made by combining precious and semi-precious gemstones. Multi-stone rings enhance the size of the stones and while the total carat weight is the same, it gives a larger impression in terms of total carat weight. Multi-stone rings also enable the customer to maximize their budget when considering the size, clarity, and color grading of the stones. The multi-stone setting gives you the opportunity to display several gleaming stones of the same or very similar cut, carat weight, clarity, and color on one ring. Multi-stone rings set with small diamonds require the skill of professional manufacturers as well as a lot of time invested in designing. 
Jewelslly is a leading platform for b2b dealing. Here We have professional manufacturers working hard for their units. Every design we have is uniquely designed by our manufacturers. bracelets are made of precious and non-precious metals whether it is gold, silver, or any non-precious metal. Multi-stone rings for the women's collection are unique and best suited for every woman. Women's love for bracelets has been going on for centuries and it has never diminished, nor will it ever be. Multi-stone rings that are specially designed for women are different and unique for one’s collection. The collection of bracelets on jewelslly is extremely eccentric and uncommon. We have a mission and vision of quality and uniqueness. earrings look very beautiful when worn with any attire Jewelslly’s manufacturers add more elegance to the personality of a woman with their jewelry. Each product is designed very gracefully and keeps every trend in mind. Professionals make elegant designs for their buyers and work for the best of the product. We connect buyers and sellers with the best quality products.
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1. Can I customize gemstones according to my needs? 
If you want customized gemstone rings jewelslly is an amazing platform that can give you your desired design. Jewelslly connects buyers and sellers from around the world so that they can grow to heights.

2. I am a gemstone ring manufacturer and launched multi stones rings. How can I spread it to international buyers? 
On jewelslly manufacturers grow internationally as the buyers from the globe explore here in search of a good piece. What matters on jewelslly is your genuineness. The manufacturer's product should be apt in quality and eccentric in design. If you follow up this jewelslly will lead you to turn the jewelry market in favor of your betterment.