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Natural Salt and Pepper Hexagon Shaped Rose Cut Loose Diamond Exporter Natural Salt and Pepper Hexagon Shaped Rose Cut Loose Diamond Exporter
$150.00 - $500.00/ Carats

1/ MOQ

Natural Salt and Pepper Hexagon Shaped Rose Cut Loose Diamond
Rose Cut
Lead Time
5 -10 days
10-15 days. Shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more
As per your demand
Payment Mode
PayPal, Bank Transfers,
Custom Orders
Yes, please do not hesitate to contact
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Loose Diamonds Jewelry Suppliers and Manufacturers -

With a loose diamond, you have more choice. You can get exactly what shape, size, and quality you want. You can then set your loose diamond in the exact engagement ring or jewelry design you want in your exact size and jewelslly makes sure that the buyer gets whatever he demands of jewelslly is the platform of quality and assurance which is needed by a buyer. the buyer and its satisfaction is our foremost duty the beautifully constructed diamonds by our professional manufacturers attracts every bit of wearer the quality the finish our manufacturers place in its every piece can not achieve anywhere formed deep within the surface over years and pushed on the surface by volcanic eruptions every diamond is unique and different to everyone diamonds are unique to its looking only but after the working of our manufacturers on the extremely unique diamonds the diamonds from its raw form became the beautiful piece of looking the beauty is irreplaceable and can’t be found jewelslly makes sure that buyers get best priced loose diamonds with exactly matching specifications to give women access to modern and fine diamonds with quality and assurance 

1. Where is the best place to buy loose diamonds online?

If you are willing to buy loose diamonds online. Jewelslly has reputed wholesale manufacturers from around the world. The manufacturers here deliver the best loose diamonds with quality assurance and certification. We have different manufacturers so you can choose accordingly.

2. Are loose diamonds still in trend?

There’s still a good market for loose diamonds. Some people do purchase loose diamonds and have them set in custom engagement rings and other commissioned pieces, and others use them as currency or save them to sell later when prices increase. For buying the best loose diamonds you can visit jewelslly.