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925 Sterling Silver White Gold Plated Smoky Quartz  For Women And Men Ring 925 Sterling Silver White Gold Plated Smoky Quartz  For Women And Men Ring
$70.00 - $140.00/ Pieces

5/ MOQ


925 Sterling Silver White Gold Plated Smoky Quartz  For Women And Men Ring Jewelry 

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Jewelslly aims at serving the best quality products to our customers. Rings are an impressive piece of ornament to your beautiful jewelry wardrobe. Rings in our fingers bring out elegance and exquisite looks, whether for men or women. The rings we wear have a different sense of connection as compared to any other ornament. Jewelslly always tends to deliver the best quality products to our customers to trust our sellers again and be satisfied with the quality. The rings are beautifully embellished with classic jewelry and add sparkle to the look of every wearer. 
The buyers can explore the Rings section provided by manufacturers for many types of rings. If they are looking for engagement rings made with precious gemstones then they can take a look at our gemstone ring collection. Each ring has a fine cut and is polished to bring them to shine. All Our vendors and manufacturers are manufacturing these rings through love and integrity. They have very uniquely designed rings, so we can guarantee that there will be no problems with the design and quality of the rings.

1.  Is shopping for jewelry online unsafe?
Shopping online is the most significant shift in the entire shopping experience that we have seen over the last decade. There are still some reservations, but we have to learn the art to get more tech-smart and make our lives convenient.
There are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow while buying jewelry online that will not only help you choose the best, get value for your money, but you will be able to avoid online frauds or any complications later. I have compiled a checklist for you that you can follow.

1. Don’t – Ignore the ‘About Us’ section on the websites
Online shoppers generally overlook the ‘about us’ section on jewelry stores because of the attractive display of jewelry pieces on the website pages. But this is not the right thing, as the area helps you understand the brand, its founders, and the background.

2. Check for the COD option - Only trusted sites that will deliver can offer this option.

3. Check the return policy - Understand why and why not there is a return policy. The return policy won’t be there for custom-made orders and should not be expected as that piece is being made only for you.

4. Check the product’s material in the description: Ignore materials like zinc, copper, or alloys as these are of poor quality. Go for brass or silver with 18-carat gold plating as these are more durable and have a better finish and quality. Products which fall under this category are generally good,

5. Look at customer reviews - This will tell you a lot about the brands and their product quality.

6. Website UI and design - If the brand has invested money in making a good website, they will most likely have good products to offer and won’t kill their brand reputation by offering shoddy products.

Apart from the above parameters, you cannot tell if the brand is outstanding until you try it. The parameters mentioned above help you refine the brands that you might have in mind.

2. Why most of the time is a gold ring preferred for making jewelry?
A gold ring is preferred in making jewelry because it does not react with atmospheric moisture and rust. It has a stable market value that is almost always rising. It is very malleable and can be shaped into many ornate patterns. And it's the cost per weight. It is high, making the jewelry expensive and thus lucrative to the jeweler. It is a precious metal that most people over the world highly value, even since prehistoric times! Its bright yellow color and its reflectiveness to light make it very attractive. It also does not rust, corroded, is easy to clean, and is durable and malleable. Therefore, many, or in fact, most people feel that gold is undoubtedly the best metal for jewelry.