Wholesale Natural oval cabochon turquoise Gemstone Wholesale Natural oval cabochon turquoise Gemstone
$1.00 - $8.00/ Grams

50/ MOQ

Wholesale Natural oval cabochon turquoise Gemstone

You can request custom size and shape in our all-precious gemstone. we can also work with low MOQ. Contact us.

We Specialize In all kind semi-precious gemstones like Top Grade Gems, Calibrated Gemstones, Matching Pairs, Gemstone Lots, Carved Gemstones, Cabochons, Cats Eye Gemstones, Star Stones, Color Change Stones And Much More Of Course, Because Of Our Ideal Location, We Have The Best Selection Of Ruby, Turquoise, Tanzanite, And Sapphire. Check Our New Arrivals regularly Our Popular Gems And Our Fast, Reliable Shipping. 

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Precious Gemstone

Precious stones are a type of gemstone, which are mineral crystals used for jewelry and other ornaments. Precious gemstones are considered very valuable. There are mainly four types of precious gems: diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby. These gemstones are also regarded as favorable to planets in a horoscope. Each planet is represented by a world that consists of its energy. At Jewelslly, we bring all types of precious gemstone manufacturers and suppliers who cut the rough stone and give them shapes to set for different jewelry or decoration.