How a new buyer can onboard to his account?

How a new buyer can onboard to his account?

The log-in process is available for buyers to manage their accounts very quickly and work on the goods they have placed. Also, they get updates regarding any offer which is going on through mails; also, we respect the privacy and dignity of seller and buyer, and this feature makes jewelslly unique

Jewelslly has no role in payment, shipment, etc. We believe to make our seller's business grow in the right way being the part of jewelslly means the seller doesn’t have to take time in bannering and marketing. Jewelslly provides the platform to the sellers for growing business in the right direction.

Buyers and sellers can work accordingly like the way they want the process of shipment how it has to be done is in between the seller and buyer jewelslly play no role to it. Trust and quality are the main focus of jewelslly for our buyers. Our buyers should get quality products from the respective seller.

The private catalog is important for sellers as it holds all the unique designs but a private catalog is important and unique for our buyers also. Buyers can ask for access to the seller’s private catalog after asking for it also the seller will give access to his private catalog for a limited period of time.