why we have Unique option like private catalog?

why we have Unique option like private catalog?

Jewelslly believes in the backend support to sellers so keeping their privacy in our mind which have given the unique feature to the seller that they have their private catalog for their exceptional designs as they have hard to there every design. A customer can ask for the private catalog from the seller and the seller can give access to the customer for a limited time and if the customer wants he can order from the private catalog.

We keep in the privacy of our sellers that's why the conversation which has to happen between the customer and seller is kept private the conversation, payment and the information is kept so private 

Jewelslly has no role in payments, shipping, etc. as this process has to be done in between both the parties but jewelslly make sure that our customer and seller are in between healthy terms the customer should get quality products and the seller sales should be incremented by more and more trading 

Private Catalog enables sellers to control distribution, ensure internal compliance, and increase discoverability for their collections. Using a Private catalog makes it easier to see all designs of a particular seller under one section. 

CREATING PRIVATE CATALOG To create a Private Catalog, you have to prepare a list of your designs/products that you don't want to show on the website.

Control distribution Create your private Catalog with your designs and organize and present the designs with care. Manage your product's visibility which is available in a personal catalog.

Ensure internal compilance: we Offer our customers an up-to-date private catalog if they request us to do the same.